Pharma, Bio Medical Solution

PlannetGroup is a solution of all kinds of pharmaceutical, Bio Medical Equipment.

We provide====
IVD/Lab/Diagnostic/Hospital, Device, Reagent, Chemical, Pharma products.
Our product Sector:
✅ Automated immunology analyser (CLIA)
✅ Automatic biochemistry analyzer
✅ Automatic hematology analyzer
✅ Automatic blood culture system
✅ Automatic urine analysis system
✅ Automatic electrophoresis analyser HPLC
✅ Specific protein analyser (nephelomatric)
✅ Fluorescence immunoassay analyzer
✅ Semi automatic biochemistry analyzer
✅ ElISA Reader /Washer
✅ Automatic ESR Analyzer
✅ Blood gas analyzer
✅ Electrolyte Analyzer
✅ Coagulation analyzer
✅ Laboratory apparatus
✅ Quality control and RIQAS
✅ Blood collection tube
✅ Binocular Microscope
✅Lab accessories & Disposable items.